Digging with Doug Part 3

I told you how I found my First Coca-Cola Bottle, so how does a collection grow from 1 Coke bottle to over 2000??  A lot of years and a lot of searching and digging!  I grew up in a Military Family (yes-I am a Navy Brat), and we moved around a good bit.  It wasn’t until I was a teenager and moved to Minnesota when I started digging for bottles by myself or with my friends.  First thing I got after we moved was a new 10 speed bicycle. And did I put the miles on it!  I began riding and exploring the fields and wooded areas within a 50 mile radius of our house. It was a lot of territory to cover, but it was filled with old farms, and if you find an old farm you will find an old dump.  I found thousands of bottles of every kind.  I ended up selling off my finds, if I had a duplicate.  I needed money to repair my bike! They didn’t make Moutain Bikes back then. And a bike built to ride on the street didn’t hold up well off road. I was always having to repair tubes, replace tires, fix the chain, etc.  The digging kept me busy and out of trouble. I soon found other kids my age who did the same thing, so we would go out and ride/dig from sun up to sunset.

  We didn’t find a lot of soft drink bottles. The few we did find were very interesting, Art Deco style soda bottles. Very unusual designs. After the Coca-Cola contour bottle, many soft drink companies created unique bottles for their product.   I wouldn’t get heavily into Coca-Cola bottles until we moved back to Georgia, but that is a story for a different day.


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