A Classic Coca-Cola Collectibles Book

Today we will look at a ‘Classic’ book on Coca-Cola Collectibles. I remember doing a book report on this book way back in 1973.  The book I am talking about is ‘The Illustrated Guide to the Collectibles of Coca-Cola’ by Cecil Munsey. Printed in 1972, this book covers the history of Coca-Cola, wagons, glasses, bottles, cartons, crates, calendars, metal trays, pocket mirrors and on and on with collectibles. Also the Appendix has useful information such as Coca-Cola Bottlers (by State), advertising slogans (by year), etc.   Although the book was printed 37 years ago, the information is still wonderful. Richly illustrated with black and white photos.  You can find this book fairly easy, on ebay, Amazon, used book stores and even see them at antique stores on occasion.  Try to find a copy. Cecil Munsey has written a few other books we will discuss later, but do a search for him on the internet. He has some wonderful articles you can find. He is a wealth of information on bottle collecting.  Happy reading!


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