Digging with Doug Part 2

(I hadn’t been feeling well this week-so I am behind on the blog, sorry!)   I mentioned the other week about how I began collecting bottles. Around age 8 my Grandfather got me started, at 11 years I found my first Coca-Cola bottle.  I was walking in my Grandparents hometown and walking along Sandy Creek (it is named ‘creek’, but it almost qualified for a river, it was deep and wide). I seemed to always find interesting items along the creek and hoped I would find something. After walking down the bank for a mile or so, I noticed a sandbar in the middle of the creek.  As I approached, I saw a bottle sticking out of the sand bar. Problem was, I could not reach it or get across the creek to it.  I ran all the way to town to find my Father, I knew he would be able to get it. Out of breath, I tried to explain what I needed him for, at first he thought there was a problem at the creek. He played on those same banks and knew how dangerous it could be. I finally explained enough to start dragging him along the way. I was worried the bottle would either float away or someone else find it. Once we got to the place, my Dad couldn’t reach it either. The water was too deep to try to cross it.  I told my Dad I knew he could figure out a way to get it. Well-he did come up with an idea. We got a long tree branch, he was able to force the branch down into the bottle, and pull it out of the sand and fling it to shore. I was SO excited, it ended up being my first Coca-Cola bottle. A Patent D type from Canton, Ohio, made in 1948. Then-I was hooked on collecting Coca-Cola bottles.  I still have that bottle, in fact it is in my living room. Seeing it reminds me of my Dad and the many times he was there for me through out my life.  He passed away a few years ago. Towards the end he was unable to speak, so I would talk for hours about all the things remembered growing up. I told this story and he had the biggest smile on his face. It was a happy memory for both of us.


4 Responses to “Digging with Doug Part 2”

  1. steve kent Says:

    Doug I found a bottle a while back and recently showed it to a knowledable friend who seemed to think it was pretty special. I have done a little on line research and found that it was pat. in 1915 or 16 and was probably in response to the design contest. it is square sideed on the bottom with coca cola imbossed on the shoulder. It has stars on the neck . Clear and six or eight ounze. it was found along the river bank as was your first bottle , this is by no means my first brobably around six hundred or so. Any clues as to its worth or rarity would be appreciated.

  2. cocacolabottleman Says:

    Does the bottle have Coca-Cola embossed in Script lettering OR is it in block letters? If it is in block letters, then it is actually a flavor bottle, and did not hold Coca-Cola. But-if it is in Script lettering, then that is a GREAT find. A friend of mine had found the type of bottle you mentioned (square sides) with arrows on the neck and Coca-Cola in Script. Only one I had ever seen. We believe it to be possibly one of the ‘Prototype’ bottles for the design contest. Which, of course the ROOT Contour design won. Yours could be another one of the ‘Prototype’. The block letter version is common, unless it happens to be from a small City/State. That might increase value some.Let me know about the type of lettering. And THANKS for sharing.

  3. Steve aka daytondigger Says:

    Great site, appreciate all you do. I hope to be able to share some amazing bottle dig stories one day……or several days for that matter. Love straight sides and have started really looking for hobbleskirts. I’m also still looking for a Dayton Mineral Water, Coca and Cola bottle. I’ve never even seen one pictured.

    • cocacolabottleman Says:

      Thank you for the compliments on my blog. I look forward to hearing some digging stories too! I don’t get to go digging as much as I used to. Hope you find a Dayton Mineral Water bottle soon.

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