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I see a lot of people are checking out my blog and I thank you!  Be sure to check out my ‘Great Link’s’ section.  Some great information can be found at these sites about bottle collecting.  Like the Antique Bottle Forum, I came across it years ago by accident. It is a great place to post a picture of any kind of an antique bottle that you want to know more about. There are several hundred knowledgeable bottle collectors here that can answer most questions.

  Looking for some good reading material? Check out the links to the Cola Conquest and the Soda Spectrum magazines. I am a long time subscriber. Always full of some GREAT articles on soda collecting. Blair does a wonderful job on this magazine, only available through subscription.

The Coca-Cola Collectors Club is a great site to visit. If you want to know anything about the Club, this is the place to go.

Have a great weekend everybody!  Be sure to check out my Bottle Book review either Sunday or Monday.


2 Responses to “Check out the Links”

  1. lmrosier Says:

    I have a coke bottle with the pat numberD-105529
    the bottom in embossed with the words starke Fla.
    there is no other words on the bottom
    it has an oval shaped sign with a triangle on each side and what looks like an I in the oval. can anyone help me date and value this bottle. I live in starke and never knew of a plant here.

  2. cocacolabottleman Says:

    The Pat’D bottle was made from 1938 to 1951. The date code should be on the narrow part of the bottle towards the base. The Oval with the I is the Glass Manufacturer maker, Owens Illinois Glass. You might try to do some research since you live in Starke. Check with a local historical society, library or some long time residents. They may have some information on the bottling plant itself. As far as value-it depends on the condition of the bottle, etc. The Pat’D usually sells for around $5. Your may be worth a little more due to the fact that Starke is a fairly small town and probably not as many bottles were made.
    Hope this helps!

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