Bottle Makers and Their Marks

Today we will look at a book by Julian Harrison Toulouse. He was an avid researcher, and compiled this excellent reference book on the Glass Manufacturer markings you find on most antique bottles. With over 900 older marks and 300 ‘modern marks’ (the book was originally written in 1970) it allows you to easily identify and date the bottle by looking up the markings. The bottle makers marks are hand drawn in the book, but are very good quality. The book is set up in alphabetical order for ease of use. He also included company histories.

    Also a section on foreign bottle makers marks is included.

The book was originally printed in 1970 in hardback, and then reprinted in 2001 in paperback. This book can be easily found on Amazon.  It is a definite MUST HAVE book to have on your bookshelf. You don’t see many reference books of this caliber on bottles. I refer to my copy all the time. So be sure to find a copy of:  Bottle Makers and Their Marks


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  1. Antique Glass Bottles Says:

    Brilliant article. Very useful and informative.

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