Close Encounter with a Freestyle Dispenser

Today’s post is a little off subject about collecting.  I went out for lunch and stopped at Burger King. When I went inside I immediately spotted the new dispenser that had been in the news lately, the Coca-Cola Freestyle Dispenser. It has over 100 flavored drinks, from Dasani water flavors to Vanilla Coke Zero. I didn’t think I would see one of these amazing machines up close anytime soon.  With an easy to use touch screen, I had to see what flavors were available. Luckily, no one was behind me!  I can see this machine causing a little back up in lines, with SO many choices.  I was able to get my combo drink of Coke Zero with a shot of Coke Zero with Cherry and two shots with vanilla.  I can remember mixing drinks as a kid on the 6 soda dispenser at the local food store. Now on this new machine you could make some dangerous combinations! Here are a few links about the new dispenser. Hope you can find one in your area!


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