Digging with Doug-In the Beginning

I know I only mentioned how I started collecting bottles briefly in my ‘About Me’ page.  It is one of the questions I get asked most often.  Since starting the blog more folks have asked, so I thought I would write some snippets every so often.    My Grandfather was an avid collector of many items he would find at work. He worked for the City he lived in for the Power and Water Department. He would find fossils, coins, jewelry, tools, arrowheads, bottles, antique metal toys not to mention the puppies, baby rabbits and birds that needed help. When I was 8 years old my family went to my Grandparents for the summer. That same year my Grandfather came across several interesting bottles. The house my Grandparents lived in was built in 1900 by a local bottle manufacturer. The man started the business around 1905 in the barn and soon had to move to a bigger facility, but a lot of bottles were still in the barn as well as in the basement and root cellar. We also went digging for bottles around the barn and found some impressive bottles in unusual colors. It looked like the ‘bottle man’ had experimented with colors and didn’t like the way they came out and used them as filler around the barn foundation.

I was hooked! Most kids dream of digging for buried treasure, and here I was spending my summer doing just that!  I have some of those bottles in my collection still. Growing up in a military family and having to move often, many bottles didn’t survive the traveling.

 Well that is enough for today, you are probably nodding off. Next time will be: The first Coca-Cola bottle in my collection.

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