Back to the Bookshelf

With the bad weather here and power outage I was not able to post my book review yesterday. But-that gave me a chance to dig around my books and find one a little more obscure. This weeks review is on ‘A History of the American Soft Drink Industry’ by John J. Riley. First published in 1958 and reprinted in 1972, this book covers the history of the Soft Drink Industry from 1807 to 1957. It is an amazing book discussing the history of Soft Drinks here in the U.S.  Many illustrations show early bottling equipment, early pioneers and different bottles used. This book will answer any question you may have on the early years up to the 1950’s in that it has a large chapter on scientific background of the Soft Drinks. Also talks about many of the National brands we still have today as well as other brands long gone.  A little hard to find, but with the internet, you may be able to locate a copy. I actually found mine at a used book store a few years ago.

2 Responses to “Back to the Bookshelf”

  1. Deborah Burrows Says:

    Can you tell me the approximate value of a 1957 liter bottle that is full?

    • cocacolabottleman Says:

      I am not familiar with a Liter size bottle from 1957. What does it say on the bottle?

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