A Quiet Sunday Afternoon and a Good Book

Nothing like a quiet afternoon and a good book to end the weekend. I decided to talk about a book once a week that deals with bottle collecting in one way or another. Some will be new and easy to find, others out of print and hard to come by.

I will start this week with one I am currently reading: ‘The Bottles, Marks and History of the Southwestern Coca-Cola Bottling Co., New Mexico and Arizona, 1917-1947’ by Bill Lockhart and Michael R. Miller, published in 2007.  I found this book recently on Amazon. It can also be found on Lulu.com. As the title suggests, it covers everything you would ever want to know about the Coca-Cola Bottling Company in Arizona and New Mexico.  It has many detailed drawings of the type of bottles used by the bottling company, from the Straight Sided to the Contour and the flavor bottles used. It also lists which bottles from this area are considered scarce.  Many old ads appear in the book as well as photographs and maps of the bottling plants themselves. 

One thing that makes this book so interesting is that it was written jointly by an archeologist and a bottle collector. You usually don’t find these two groups working together, but this partnership has worked well and resulted in a very in depth and informative look at early bottling plants. Even if you don’t live in the Southwest, this book contains information that most bottle collectors will find interesting and helpful.

  Bill Lockhart is a Professor at New Mexico State University. He has written several interesting articles in the past concerning specific bottling companies of the Southwest. Like his articles on 7 Up and my favorite ‘You Can Whip Our Cream, But You Can’t Beat Our Milk: The Dairies of Otero County, New Mexico, 1899 to 1977.’ You can do a search on Bill and find many of his articles on the internet. They are worth looking for and reading. Unfortunately I don’t know anything about the other author Michael R. Miller to share.


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